Light Lift Needle is a bidirectional barbed thread which allows minimally invasive and natural approach to the age-related changes of soft tissues. Light Lift Needles are available both in a resorbable and permanent version. it should be inserted into muscles and subcutaneous layer.

In Light Lift Needle the thread is attached to the middle of the straight triangle cutting double needles with double sharp tips. In Soft version of Light Lift Needle, the thread is attached to the end of the straight, lancet point hollow needles with double sharp tips.

Due to the structure, doctors have possibility to correct perineal area, entrance of vagina and Labia majora, with a single suture running from side to side, without taking needles totally out of the skin. This prevents the patient from skin retraction at the exit points along the pathway.


P(LA/CL) thread with barbs USP 2/0, EP3, 500mm - 2pcs

Double-edged, lancet point hollow needle 1,1x120mm, straight - 4pcs.

Standard needle attachment

In Pack:
Needle type: soft
Thread type: Bi-directional
Number of threads: 2
Application Areas

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