Correction of Lip Contour and Mouth Furrows with Aptos Threads

The lower third of the face is the area where the facial expression is most active. The greatest number of muscles is involved in the development of any emotions. Therefore, with the time and under the influence of gravitation, aging changes usually appear. Omission of soft tissues (ptosis), deep folds and fine wrinkles around the mouth (perioral folds) gradually become more noticeable, thereby emphasizing age and giving the face a tired expression. Opposing factors also include sudden weight loss, smoking, sensitive thin skin.

Most often women and men are seeking for the help of aesthetic doctors to eliminate perioral wrinkles over their 40s, when problems become most pronounced.

There are several types of persistent deformities of the skin:

·      upper and lower lip creases around the mouth;

·      corner of the mouth lines;

·      chin crease;

·      “Marionette lines”.

Effective and long-term elimination of perioral problems was impossible for a long period without surgical intervention. But modern medicine offers more advanced technologies allowing patients achieve maximum effect without significant time and money loss. One of such methods is APTOS thread lift.

APTOS threads for the correction of lip contour, volume and perioral creases

Thread lifting of the perioral area makes it possible to reshape lip contour, volumize it and eliminate perioral creases with the use of minimally invasive method. Thanks to minimum invasiveness and lack of general anesthesia, it is possible to obtain the desired result, to avoid possible complications and a long recovery period.

More advanced Aptos threads of the latest generation allow us to insert and fixate them so that the desired shape and smooth lines are formed, without nerve injury in this particularly sensitive area.

For the procedure, absorbable threads of several types are used:

Nano Spring - "spring" thread, fills wrinkles and restores the elasticity of the skin.

Nano Vitis - twisted pair threads without barbs for revitalization and armoring. After inserting, they start untwisting and increase the volume of the treated area. Filling the area inside, it helps to smooth out the wrinkles.

Aptos Wire - a wire tool with a straight needle. Aptos Wire Method removes wrinkles and folds from the face. With Aptos Wire it is possible to pass the needle through hypodermic tissues on a closed contour without skin incisions.

All threads are made of hypoallergenic materials, polylactic acid, which activates rejuvenation processes in the skin, forms a natural reinforcing structure.

It is extremely important to visit qualified doctors for thread lift. Only competent definition of the problem and the degree of its severity, selection of proper method and knowledge of the technique can guarantee the optimum result without any side effects, like superficially inserted thread, bruising, inflammation or pain. To obtain the best results when correcting the shape of the lips and perioral creases, APTOS thread lifting methods can be combined with filler injection or laser techniques. This will strengthen and extend the achieved result. The choice of methods in each case is strictly determined by the doctor.

The result of APTOS thread lift

·      Reshaping of lip contour and volumization;

·      Elimination of perioral creases;

·      Lifting of the angle of the mouth and “Marionette lines”;

·      Elimination of chin crease;

·      Improving the quality of the skin and moisturizing it.

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