Correction of the mental area with Aptos Threads

The jawline plays a crucial role in balancing the facial proportions, facial profile, and defining the lower face. With age, under the influence of gravity, soft tissues gradually shift downward and the skin loses its elasticity. As a result, the lower face becomes less distinct, cheeks droop, and cheekbones become less expressive. The appearance of jowls is explained by the weakening of tone of maseteric muscle and the displacement of the tissues down the face. The first signs of aging become noticeable at the age of 35-45. Omission of tissues and deterioration of lower face not only becomes aesthetically unfavorable, but also significantly adds age.

Jawline can effectively be corrected with APTOS threads.

Why APTOS threads?

Advantages of APTOS thread lift:

·      Threads are composed of biocompatible material, that doesn’t cause allergic reactions and is not rejected by the body;

·      Short recovery period;

·      Practically no risk of vessel and nerve injury;

·      Long-lasting result (for 2-5 years);

·      Minimally invasive and painless procedure;

·      No scars after the procedure;

·      Preservation of natural facial expressions;

·      No thread migration in soft tissues due to barbs;

·      Suitable for both women and men of different age groups.

Which threads suit best mental area?

For the correction of jowls, our company offers several types of threads that are selected individually for each patient:

·      Eccellence Visage and Elegance - threads with specially designed barbs soft tissue lifting and revitalization;

·      Nano Vitis - thin twisted threads for delicate correction;

·      Needle 2G - threads with barbs, attached to two double-edged needles;

·      Thread 2G - less traumatic product with long lasting result.

Result of thread lift

The result is immediately evident after the procedure. Threads with barbs fixate soft tissues in an esthetically favorable position. Result becomes more attractive at the end of second week. Result persists for approximately 2-3 years with the use of absorbable and up to five years with non-absorbable threads. The persistence of the result is affected by genetic predisposition, patient's lifestyle and incompliance with recommendations during recovery period. Procedure can be repeated 2 months later.

What is the technique?

The process of lifting of jawline with APTOS threads consists of 5 steps:

1.    Collecting medical history and selecting appropriate thread for each part of the face;

2.    Preparation of the patient, including marking and cleaning the operation area;

3.    Infiltrative anesthesia;

4.    Procedure: insertion of thread in subdermal layer following marking lines and fixation;

5.    Recovery period lasts for 1-2 weeks.

To obtain qualified care and the desired result, it is important to consult Aptos certified doctors and visit licensed clinics.

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