Lifting of the arms and shoulders with Aptos Threads

APTOS thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure performed with threads consisting of poly-L-lactic acid and e-caprolactone. Threads are hypoallergenic and completely biocompatible with the human body. Each year, APTOS extends the range of products and introduces to the market more advanced threads and methods for solving specific problems in certain areas, taking into account the individual features of the structure of the face and body. For example, threads for correction of the inner surface of arms, best solve the problem of sagging skin in this area, with the minimum risk of complications and practically no downtime.

Non-surgical brachioplasty

The main indication for non-surgical brachioplasty - is flabby sagging skin due to sudden weight loss, after childbirth, aging or hormonal changes.

Not long ago, the most popular solution to this problem was a plastic surgery, which, like all surgical interventions, involves a number of risks, such as a long recovery period, general anesthesia, keloid or deep scars.

APTOS Company offers a more gentle method of thread lifting: a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia with a small punctures so that it does not leave visible scars and does not require long recovery period.

Advantages of Aptos threads:

·      safety;

·      immediately evident result;

·      minimal traumatism;

·      the 20-minute procedure;

·      minimum of downtime;

·      long-term effect;

·      no risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

How is lifting of arms performed with Aptos threads?

Consult the patient and exclude any contraindications. Prepare the patient, including marking and cleaning the operation area. Make infiltrative anesthesia.

Procedure: insertion of Excellence Body in subdermal layer following marking lines. Long threads (25 cm) with barbs make 3D-reinforcement of those areas of the body where tissues become weak and prevention of ptosis is necessary.

The result of a thread lift

The result of the procedure can be estimated immediately after its termination. It gradually increases after about two weeks when the swelling totally disappear. It happens due to poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone. As they dissolve naturally, the skin starts to produce more collagen which improves skin tone, texture, color and hydration.

Besides arms Aptos thread lift can be performed for inner thighs, abdomen, area above knee, breast, and hands. APTOS product line is also represented by a wide range of threads for lifting various areas of the face and neck.

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