The rehabilitation

The Thread lifting rehabilitation period lasts up to two weeks. Following recommendations reduces discomfort and the likelihood of complications. In the areas of intervention, small oedemas and bruises can be found, during the rehabilitation period. Rarely there are minor, skin-tight punctures, slight asymmetry and pain. These are natural manifestations of the recovery process after mini-invasive treatments.

In case of inflammatory reactions, large hematomas, thread contouring, severe asymmetry, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible, since such manifestations are considered as an adverse reaction and require immediate intervention.

Post-procedural Recommendations:

·     During the first 48 hours from procedure, ice pack should  be applied to the intervention areas to reduce oedema and alleviate pain.

·     The first three days after the procedure, puncture sites should  be cleaned with an antiseptic solution;

·     The first days from thread lifting procedure intervention areas should be treated gently - it is advised to sleep on the back and do not massage the skin in the places where the threads are inserted.

·     Swelling can be reduced with "Traumeel" and "Heparin" cream application. Any skin care product should be applied in the particular direction to avoid the displacement and deformation of the threads.

·     Taking of analgesics is acceptable;

·     The antibiotics may be prescribed, to minimise the possibility of complications.

·     The hot food and drinks are not recommended first two days after the procedure;

·     The heat exposure like: bath, sauna, solarium, sun exposure, hot showers have to be avoided during the first month;

·     During the first 2-3 weeks any physical activity and heavy loads (fitness, swimming pool, sports) are strongly not recommended;

·     Within two months it is recommended to refuse any physiotherapeutic procedures, miostimulation and massage;

·     Strong mimic activity or strong chewing movements are disapproved first few days.

·     Alcohol intake have to be avoided for two weeks after the procedure;

Length and severity of rehabilitation period can be altered with additional treatments:

·     Plasmolifting - applied by the course before, on time and after the introduction of threads;

·     Microcurrent therapy and plasmolifting - throughout the rehabilitation period;

·     Hardware and injection procedures - in two or three weeks

It is recommended to repeat visit on the seventh, fourteenth days, 3 and six months after the thread implantation. In case there is persistent pain or any persistent symptom, see a doctor as soon as possible for consultation and examination.

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