Inner thighs become flabby with age, especially in women. To get rid of wrinkles with the help of massage or exercise is unlikely to succeed. Sudden weight loss is opposing factor for wrinkly, flabby and tired thighs too. The skin of the inner thighs is more delicate and sensitive, so it is not easy to tighten it. That's why APTOS has developed a special product to eliminate aesthetic defects and reinforce skin of this specific area.

APTOS threads for the correction of inner thighs.

APTOS offers special solution for each particular part of the body that fully meets its anatomical features. Armoring of inner thighs is performed with Excellence Body. These are absorbable threads composed of polylactic acid, which stimulates rejuvenation processes at the cellular level. Once degradation process takes place under the skin, the microdoses of hydrolized substance provide an effect of mesotherapy for about 360 days. In addition, polylactic acid stimulates new collagen growth thus creating a flexible supporting capsule under the skin, which prevents from further ptosis for about two years.

Procedure of Aptos thread lift and recovery period

First consult the doctor and exclude any contraindications. Prepare patient, including marking and cleaning the operation area. Make infiltrative anesthesia.

Procedure: insert Excellence Body in subdermal layer following marking lines. Thread is fixed with barbs under the skin.

Recovery period lasts for about 1-2 weeks. Avoid hot drinks and hot bath as well as chemical piling and massage for some period after thread lift. Avoid sports and exercise, over-exposure to direct sunlight for 2 weeks. To shorten the recovery period, some hardware cosmetology, like microcurrent therapy is recommended, but strictly according to the doctor's prescription.

Results of Aptos thread lift

The result is immediately evident after the procedure. Threads with barbs fixate soft tissues in an esthetically favorable position. Result becomes more attractive at the end of second week due to polylactic acid, which activates rejuvenation processes. Result persists for approximately two years with the use of absorbable threads. The persistence of the result is affected by genetic predisposition, patient's lifestyle and incompliance with recommendations during recovery period.

After absorption, gentle and flexible collagen capsule at the application area makes the skin more elastic and prevents from further ptosis.

Advantages of Aptos threads:

·      Safety - proved by twenty years of experience; the material is completely hypoallergenic and compatible with the human body.

·      Short recovery period.

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