The Essence of the method

Modern medicine helps restore beauty and attractiveness lost over the years. For this, there are different methods in the hands of physicians. One of them is the APTOS thread rejuvenation. 

Flabby skin, wrinkles, deformation of the face oval due to ptosis (sagging) of soft tissues are all unfavorable signs of aging. APTOS offers a modern and safe solution to these problems - using the unique APTOS thread methods. The technology of thread modeling allows to return an attractive appearance, correct the shortcomings on the face and body, relieve from currently emerging, as well as manifested signs of aging.

APTOS offers two types of threads:

  • Absorbable threads of L-lactide copolymer with Ꜫ-caprolactone for delicate correction of visible changes, fine wrinkles and folds;
  • Non-absorbable threads from polypropylene to correct manifested changes with a longer result.

The type and technology of the introduction of threads is determined by doctor during the preliminary consultation, depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the problem.

An additional advantage of the line of absorbable threads is the content of polylactic acid in their composition, which activates the production of own collagen and stimulates metabolic processes in skin. Thus, rejuvenation also occurs at the cellular level: simultaneously with the lifting, the skin relief is leveled, color and tone are improved. Also, it’s threads unique feature that the rejuvenating effect increases with time. This is due to the fact that polylactic acid in the threads is synthesized into the skin throughout the entire period of introducing of the threads, until they are fully absorbed.

In spite of the fact that thread modeling is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, the result from it can be no less than after the plastic surgery, while the rehabilitation period is much easier. The authors also took care that the safety of the method was best combined with the long-term effect. So, from the lifting with absorbable threads result remains on average up to 2-3 years, non-absorbable threads provide an average rejuvenation for five years. Persistence of the result always depends on the physiological characteristics of patient, way of life and the observance of recommendations during rehabilitation. 

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