Becoming Aptos Model

Behind the success of the development of APTOS is more than twenty years of history, experience and knowledge of leading experts, which, in addition to products of the highest level, have developed a unique approach to transfer experience only to the best doctors - "from hand to hand". The feature of this approach is that only doctors who graduated from specialized training courses and certified on the basis of an educational center receive the exclusive right to conduct APTOS thread procedures in their clinics.

To conduct courses, APTOS regularly invites everyone to participate in the training courses as a model.

Become a model for APTOS courses - what are the advantages?

The indisputable advantage of participant in training will be the correction of desired zone at favorable conditions and guaranteed safety during the procedure, since the modeling is carried out under the supervision of a qualified trainer who has passed the APTOS certification.

Models which undergo thread correction may not worry about how much the result will meet expectations, since the procedure is carried out in a standard mode and involves a preliminary consultation, during which the patient clarifies all the exciting issues, expresses wishes. The doctor, in turn, informs about all stages of correction and warns about what to expect during the procedure. The procedure itself is in the normal mode under the strict supervision of the medical trainer.

How is the procedure of thread lift?

As a matter of fact, the procedure of the thread correction on the training courses does not differ from the one that is conducted on the usual reception. Similarly, in a clinic the doctor conducts consultations and correction under the supervision of a qualified physician with a years of experience in thread modeling. A distinctive feature is only that in the course of the correction an online translation of the procedure is conducted with a demonstration of the technique of execution.

Right before the procedure, the correction zone and the expected result are discussed with the patient, depending on which the type of threads and the technique of their installation are selected.

After the procedure, the doctor takes photo of the results, the patient is given a cooling bag to remove swelling in the correction area, after which the procedure is considered completed, and the patient can pre-register for the next consultation to monitor the rehabilitation process and go home.

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