Eyebrow correction with Aptos Threads

Beautiful shape of eyebrows emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and makes you look younger. Eyebrows can send body language, they are highly visible communicators. They can express emotions, like doubts, surprise, anger... Omission of the eyebrows and tired face may be either inherited or a result of age-related changes in tissues of the forehead.

Thread lift solves this problem quickly and without pain thanks to the Light Lift, Excellence and Nano lines, developed by Aptos. The peculiarity of these products is their unique form and composition, which allows obtaining a double rejuvenating effect. Absorbable threads are made of Polylactic acid and e-Caprolactone and have special barbs that provide soft grip on surrounding tissues. As absorbable threads dissolve naturally, the skin starts to produce more collagen which gives a longer-lasting result. Over time they improve skin tone, texture, color and hydration.

Eyebrow lifting is carried out with absorbable and non-absorbable (polypropylene) threads:

Aptos Light Lift Thread 2G, Light Lift Thread 2G Soft and Light Lift Thread 2G Blunt are absorbable threads with barbs, attached to two needles. The peculiarity of Thread 2G is that when put together two needles create one sharp point. Such a needle after sticking into the required depth is separated into two; each of them passes through hypodermic tissues in the necessary direction. The result is powerful, stable and long-lasting.

Aptos Light Lift Needle 2G, Light Lift Needle 2G Soft and Light Lift Needle 2G Blunt: absorbable threads with barbs is attached to two double-edged needles, give the desired shape to the eyebrows. Double-edged needles allow passing the threads along any necessary contour and creating circle avoiding skin retractions. Such lifting of soft tissues is very powerful and reliable.

Thread 2G and Needle 2G products are also manufactured as non-absorbable ones that provide longer result - up to 5 years (depending on the individual characteristics of the patient).

Aptos Excellence Visage and Excellence Visage Soft are effective for lifting, armoring and revitalization of soft tissues. They are a good choice for both young and older patients. 

Aptos Nano Spring is used for delicate correction of eyebrow in patients with very soft and thin skin.

Procedure is short, less than 40 minutes, and needs minimum of downtime. Results are visible immediately after the procedure, become even better in 2-3 weeks and last for a long time.

The method of correction is selected by a specialist individually.

Advice from Aptos! Facial exercise for droopy eyebrows and eyelids.

Starting position: attach the base of the palms to the upper eyelids under the eyebrow.

Technique: look down, simultaneously pushing your eyebrows upward. Try to cover your eyes with just the upper eyelid. Hold in this position, counting to 20. Relax. Repeat 2 times.

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