Cost of Aptos thread procedure

The method of APTOS thread modeling is a low-traumatic procedure for lifting and correcting visible defects on the face and body. Author's technology, which has a long history, deservedly earned the trust in the whole world and proved itself as one of the most effective and safe methods.

Thread lifting - how the cost of the procedure is formed

The cost of thread correction or APTOS lifting depends on the amount of planned manipulations and is always calculated on an individual basis. At the primary admission the doctor consults with the patient, which includes examining and assessing the skin condition, determining correction zones and the planned scope of work, in accordance with the wishes of the patient, after which the final cost is formed.

Additional factors of procedure cost formation

In addition to the physiological features and severity of the problem, the final cost is also affected by the number and variety of threads used: the Nano, Excellence, Light Lift (absorbable), or Surgical (non-absorbable). Introduction of APTOS threads are made strictly in accordance with the individual anatomical features of the structure of the face and body: the structure of the skin, the location of muscles and nerve endings.

The expanded range of APTOS products, combined with the latest advances in this field and the application of more advanced technologies by specialists, allows us to select an individual solution and eliminate the problem even in difficult cases through combining methods and threads of different types.

The cost of the procedure also varies depending on the region, the clinic-place, the procedure and the level of professional fees. APTOS does not influence the final cost of the procedure for the patient, it is recommended to clarify the cost directly in the chosen clinic and get all the information of interest during consultation with the doctor.

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