Light Lift Spring is a spirally wrapped thread around lancet point needle with the sharp tip.The Soft version of Light Lift Spring is spirally wrapped thread around blunt tip cannula.

Threads are available both in a resorbable and permanent version.

Spring maintains its elasticity and shape after insertion and fixates marionette lines effectively. Once inserted in the skin, Spring stimulates production of collagen and generates healthy, new skin.


P(LA/CL) thread USP 2/0, EP 3, 440mm spirally wrapped around blunt tip needle 0.9x90mm, straight - 2pcs

P(LA/CL) thread USP 2/0, EP 3, 470mm spirally wrapped around blunt tip needle 1.1x100mm, straight - 2pcs

Removable needle attachment

In Pack:
Needle type: soft
Application Areas
Before After
Before After

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