Future of Aesthetics: "Namica Around the World – 100 cities, 1 Experience" Event Series by Aptos

Date 8 January 2024
Location Around the World

In a groundbreaking development for the world of aesthetic medicine, Aptos is set to globally launch its innovative 4th generation threads enhanced with hyaluronic acid, using the advanced NAMICA technology. Aptos announces the "Namica Around the World" event series, an unparalleled global tour across 100 cities that promises to be an extraordinary event in the aesthetic industry.

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Medicine with NAMICA Technology

The "Namica Around the World" series is more than just a product unveiling; it's an educational journey. Attendees will gain comprehensive insights into the innovative NAMICA technology, which harmoniously blends the rejuvenating properties of hyaluronic acid with the structural benefits of advanced thread technology. This series promises to unfold the secrets behind this cutting-edge development, offering an in-depth understanding of its potential impact on aesthetic practices worldwide.

Networking with Industry Leaders

This event is a golden opportunity for professionals to meet and engage with key opinion leaders in aesthetic medicine. It's a platform where the brightest minds in the field gather, offering attendees a chance to learn from pioneers, share insights, and engage in discussions. The series is not just about learning new techniques; it's about building a community that leads the future of aesthetics.

A Blend of Theory and Practice

"Namica Around the World" distinguishes itself with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The event is structured into various segments, ensuring a powerful learning experience. Participants will be part of:

  • Theoretical Sessions: These sessions will cover the science and technology behind the 4th generation threads, offering a deep dive into the mechanics and advantages of NAMICA technology.
  • Hands-On Sessions and Live Demonstrations: Here, the theory is brought to life. Attendees will witness live demonstrations showcasing the remarkable results achievable with the 4th generation threads. These practical sessions provide a tangible understanding of the product's application and efficacy.

Witness the Transformation

One of the highlights of the event series will be the live demonstrations, where participants can see the real-time impact of the 4th generation threads. This segment is designed to showcase the tangible benefits and results of using these advanced threads, providing a clear picture of the transformational possibilities they offer.

Stay tuned Join us in this extraordinary journey of discovery, networking, and professional growth.

Namica Around the World event series consists of three different kinds of events:

  • Violet events are focused on a single day, featuring an international trainer who conducts hands-on sessions. You will have an exclusive opportunity to experience 4th generation threads with Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Magenta events extend over two days and include both international training and hands-on sessions. The distinguishing factor is the inclusion of an anatomist, suggesting a more comprehensive exploration of the subject matter, possibly with a focus on anatomy-related aspects.
  • Indigo events also span two days and involve a trainer from the headquarters. Similar to Magenta, they include hands-on sessions and an anatomist, emphasizing practical learning and anatomical understanding.

Launch Cities and Dates for "Namica Around the World" Coming Soon!

If you'd like to participate in the upcoming events nearest to you, please contact us on email hello@aptos.ge.

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