Introducing NAMICA technology

Date 17 October 2023

Introducing NAMICA technology – the innovation that promises to set a new standard for excellence and longevity in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has long been celebrated for its ability to restore youthful radiance to the skin, making it an indispensable element of many cosmetic treatments. However, the challenge has always been to ensure that HA molecules are effectively delivered to the intended location without loss or premature degradation. NAMICA technology has overcome this hurdle, harnessing the full potential of HA.

NAMICA is the Revolutionary Encapsulation technology of Different Size HA molecules: from Nano to Micro, covered with the same absorbable material as thread itself: PLA. Depending on the size of HA molecule, the layer of PLA around differs, and the time of its absorption is controlled: this allows us to implant the thread with HA molecules that will burst in the tissue in the different time frames: ensuring to minimize the loss of HA during thread injection.

The name “Namica” holds dual significance for us, blending both emotional and technical aspects. The first meaning derives from the Georgian word ნამი [Nami] ˚ Dew - symbolizing hydration, dewy aging, and rejuvenation. Technical part is encrypted in the name as well: Development and production of coated implants based on the innovative technology of EnCApsulation of NAno and MIcro particles of stimulating substances, with targeted delivery and controlled release at the place of application.

How it works:

HA in a P(LA/CL) Polylactic Acid Coating

Targeted Delivery: We ensure effective injection without the loss of HA molecules.

Controlled Release: At the application site, we maintain precise control over the release.

Specific Period of Biodegradation: Encapsulated particles of varying sizes exhibit distinct burst rates:

  1. Immediate Implantation: Mitigating fibrosis formation around the implanted thread.
  2. Subsequent Phases: Eliciting a mild stimulatory response, resulting in substantially increased collagen fiber production, stimulation of microvascular development, and enhanced nutrition to subcutaneous fat and dermal layers.

Prolonged HA Secretion: Experience a continuous release of HA particles over an extended duration.

The First Long-Lasting Bio Stimulator: Variously sized encapsulated particles exhibit distinct burst rates:

  • Micro: First 14 days, acting against irritation after injection.
  • Sub micro: Bursting for 1-3 months, stimulating collagen production.
  • Nano: Bursting and delivering HA after 3 months.

Enjoy up to 6 months of HA action and more than 1 year of results, with a delivery that is 25 times more HA-efficient. Different sizes of HA molecules efficiently cover the thread, minimizing empty spaces and ensuring a consistent, natural look.

Watch the video bellow to explore full potential of NAMICA. Future is here and possibilities are limitless!

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