Thread Lifting of the Jawline: A Pilot Study for Quantitative Evaluation

Date 27 March 2021

The new article on "Thread Lifting of the Jawline: A Pilot Study for Quantitative Evaluation" is presented in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery

January-March 2021 | Vol 14 | Issue 1

Dr. Alberto Diaspro Maxillofacial Surgeon at Rigeneralab Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Turin, Italy

Dr. Massimo Luni Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Doctor, Turin, Italy

Dr. Gabriele Rossini Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Turin, Turin, Italy

Introduction: The facial aging process produces changes that are characteristic of the superficial and deep fat framework and skin

layers. Subdermal suspension with threads enables the sagging tissues to be lifted by means of a minimally invasive, closed procedure

without surgical dissection. This observational study has been carried out on the basis of standardized tridimensional photographic

analysis and measurement, aimed at determining objective, repetitive, and reliable evaluation of the soft tissue suspension technique.

Materials and Methods: Eight participants were enrolled in this pilot study presenting with mild to moderate ptosis of the jawline

tissues. Patient photographs were taken before (t0), immediately after threads implantation (t1), and at the following visit (t2). Each

image captured before thread insertion was registered by the software and surface linear lengths in between the mentioned points were


Results: The result showed an overall average improvement in the “tragus-to-marionette distance” (C-A) and the “tragusto-

jowl distance” after a mean follow-up time of 8.16 months (t0-t2). All analyzed parameters improved significantly (P < 0.05) at t1

and at t2 with respect to t0.

Conclusions: This pilot study suggest that facial tissue suspension by means of poli-lactic/poli-caprolactone

threads is safe and effective in treating skin flaws that affect mild-to-moderate ptosis of the jawline up to 8 months.

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