Dr Mohammad Abdul Mabin about Correction of Prominent Ears without Scar for ISAPS

Date 21 September 2020
Location Bangladesh

Regardless of the size of the ear, the term “Prominent Ears”

means a birth defect in which the ears stick out enough

to appear abnormal. Also, the terminology can be defined

by comparing an abnormal external ear that is separated by

less than 2cm from the side of the head maintaining an angle

of 25 degrees or less.

GOALS: External ears, a beautiful masterpiece of creation,

are an aesthetically and distinctly visible part of human face.

After any surgical and non-surgical procedures both the ears

must appear natural, soft, harmonious, not an operated look

and without any surgical scar.

After the procedure is complete, if viewed from the side, the

helical rim should be prominently visible and from rear view

should look straight and not like a “C” or a telephone deformity.

COMPARISON: Other surgical procedures available for the

correction of prominent ears require a long incision to expose

the cartilage. The procedure is performed by 1. Suturing

anti-helical fold (Mustarde, Photograph Ref-A), 2. Stenstorm

technique of anterior abrasion of cartilage (Gibson, Photograph

Ref-B), 3. For full thickness incision of cartilage along the

curvature of anti-helix, for creating a desired fold (Luckett,

Photograph Ref-C).



Read full article and other interesting news in ISAPS Newsletter Volume 14, Number 3 (July – September 2020)

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