Dr Alice Prethima Michael about Aptos threads for Buro 24/7

Date 16 September 2020

Worldwide fashion, beauty and lifestyle portal Buro has interviewed Aptos certified trainer Dr Alice Prethima Michael, Managing Medical Physician, CEO and founder of Dr. Alice Total Wellness Centres and Ageless Medispa, to discuss the latest in thread lifting technology and what you can expect from this skin-tightening procedure.

"With the advent of beauty enhancements come a slew of "lunchtime procedures"—all in the form of minimally-invasive techniques with little downtime and almost instantaneous results. Lately, thread lifts have grown increasingly popular as a solution to fill the gap where anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers fail at bridging—and for good reason. Thread lifts literally elevate parts of the face and body without the need to create incisions (eek), and some varations of thread can reportedly brighten, tighten and hydrate skin."

Dr Alice Prethima Michael answered some questions and shared her experience using Aptos Methods to offer face, body and intimate area rejuvenation to the patients around the world:

"Aptos offers two kinds of lifts: one is volumising, and another one would be mechanical—basically by creating anchor points (sans cutting) with tiny needle points going in and out. That is done to anchor the threads to strong, hard tissues like in the temple area. When it's anchored to the points, your face gets a mechanical lift, which is immediately visible upon leaving the doctor's office."

Read the full article by Buro Malaysia at official webpage "Thread lifts: What is it, how does it work, and more burning questions — answered"

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