Don't Miss Out Post Kolkhida 2020 Opportunity

Date 13 July 2020
Location Tbilisi

We are proud to be General sponsors another successful Kolkhida congress! And especially in this novel and unfamiliar reality we are thrilled to announce the highest attendance and engagement from all over the world.

All the credits come to our global family with its diverse and myriad network. Having an opportunity to be on this elevated note sourced by the highest positive feedback ever, we at Aptos, have a desire to convert this into a mutual opportunity for doctors and patients.

Ask your local distributor for the special offer for all the doctors, who had assigned on Kolkhida 2020 online and not only to them.

Proposal in a nutshell:

For all the doctors, who had assigned and attended on Kolkhida 2020 online and not only to them the major notes of proposal are the following:

  1. All the attended doctors of event will get 20%OFF on full range of Aptos products till the July 2020;
  2. The above mentioned attendees will get additional 20% discount (totally 40%OFF), in case of social media engagement, named:
  3. Reposting and sharing of posts from Aptos global or local Instagram and Facebook pages on their SM pages within dedicated hashtag #Aptos2020; post must be public.
  4. Posting photos on their SM pages from Kolkhida 2020 online congress with the same #Aptos2020 tag;


But the doctors, who has not been attended on Kolkhida 2020 online event, but will engage in the same activity of content sharing within #Aptos2020, will have possibility to benefit with 20%OFF condition.

40%OFF condition is elective and doctors, who will fulfil above mentioned conditions, can choose the following proposal, instead of that per their choice:

  1. Buy 1 pack of Visage Excellence Method HA and get 1 pack of Visage Excellence Method SOFT HA


  1. Buy 1 pack of Visage Excellence Method HA and get 2 packs of Nano Excellence Method HA


Doctors, who are not yet trained but attended on online event, can attend on online courses in July and keep this proposal till then. 

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