Comparison of the Influence of New Generation Threads P(LA/ CL) HA And P(LA/CL) on Convalescence and Clinical Effects in Patients Undergoing Minimally Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments

Date 2 March 2020


Early signs of aging of facial skin results from elastic tissue and collagen degradation, causing fine-to-deep wrinkles formation. Various modifications of the techniques have been introduced to fight against aging. In recent years, minimally invasive procedures, in particular tread lifting gained more and more interest both among patient and the practitioners. Nowadays, wide range of threads with different compositions and configurations are presented on the markets.

This pilot study was done to evaluate subjective assessments of P (LA/CL) (HA) and P (LA/CL) threads and compare their impact on convalescence and clinical outcome in patients undergoing various anti-aging treatments. Patients received appropriate non-invasive aesthetic treatment combined with P(LA/CL) HA and P(LA/CL) thread implantation on the opposing side of their face. The patients’ subjective impressions, given as a numerical value based on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale, were collected on the day of the procedure and at 3, 6, and 9 weeks after the procedure. The study involved 9 women, aged 40 to 63, and investigated the assessment of the convalescence period, changes in the appearance and skin quality, as well as lifting and volumetric effects. The results revealed significant acceptance of the convalescence period, greater satisfaction with skin quality improvement, and similar lifting effects and volumetric changes.

Keywords: Face lifting; Threads; Hyaluronic acid; Skin texture

Authors: Dr. Bożena Jendrysik, Dr. Albina Kajaia, Dr. George Sulamanidze.

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