The effectiveness of PLLA/PCL Aptos thread on skin quality

Date 7 February 2020


For many patients, it is important to improve skin quality and to appear younger. Many aesthetic treatment methods are used for this purpose. The objective of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of PLLA on skin quality. Two groups of patients took part in the study. The first group received only PLLA/PCL Aptos threads and the second group received HIFU and PLLA /PCL Aptos thread combined treatment. The treatment covered a 3-month period. The differences before and after the treatment were assessed with the help of photographs and a statistical program. The results were evaluated by both the patient and the doctor. By means of a survey, the evaluations concentrated on skin hydration, color, fine lines, jawline, mouth lines, eye lines, skin elasticity, and thread pain. The survey data revealed improvements for 65% of patients in the PLLA/PCL Aptos thread group and 76% of the patients in the combined treatment group. Specifically, the jawline, mouth lines and skin elasticity results showed a high degree of improvement. The results showed that, PLLA/PCL Aptos thread has a significant effect on skin quality. In addition, the treatment reduces fine lines, increases flexibility and creates a younger and brighter appearance.


PLLA, Poly-L-Lactic Acid, skin quality, skin hyration, aptos thread lift, skin elasticity, Ulterapy, HIFU

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