Aptos Conference in Poland

Date 30 May 2019
Location Poland

On 18-20.05.2019 was held VI edition of Aptos Conference in Poland. First part of Apros Conference took place 18-19th of May at the Marriott hotel in Warsaw and was devoted to the subject of "Face and body aesthetics". It was a unique meeting for doctors and enthusiasts of modern aesthetics, who have associated their professional career with this extremely dynamically developing field of medicine. Precisely selected topics presented during the 2-day meeting were an opportunity to learn about new products, but above all to deepen knowledge and exchange experiences. The carefully prepared program covered both theoretical issues as well as demonstrations of Aptos treatment techniques. The high substantive level was provided by lectures of the best specialists, among others we hosted Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze - the founder of the Aptos brand and Aptos thread lifting methods and Dr. Nino Vadachkoria - plastic surgeon. 

On the first day we familiarized ourselves with the techniques of face and chin lifting, eyebrow and nose correction, and protruding ear pinnels, as well as the face lift of the cheeks and mandible line.

On the second day, we started a large dose of theoretical knowledge about complications. This presentation focused on issues such as how to avoid complications and how to deal with them if they occur and enjoyed great interest of all participants. Then we had the pleasure to watch the treatments in the field of marionette line correction, facelift of the whole face and modeling its oval. Subsequent treatments in the field of adhesion release in the nasolabial furrow area and facelift were another. After lunch, invited guests watched the chin lifting and bust revitalization treatments in conjunction with the reduction of the nipple.

The conference was summed up by Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze discussing the effects of all the treatments performed for two days, based also on the 3D imaging system of the French company Quantificare. Computer software for 3D Lifeviz Mini camera, allowed to compare photos before and after the treatment, indicate volumetric differences, projection of tissue displacement, level of reduction of folds and wrinkles, etc.

We are very happy that we can be part of the great world "Aptos family" and propagate the work of Dr. Sulamanidze, teaching successive groups of doctors rejuvenation with Aptos methods. We are constantly trying to meet your expectations and adapt our offer to the changing market demands.

At the Conference, you could become familiar with the novelties of our offer, ie APTOS Excellence Visage HA, the most effective and versatile threads for comprehensive struggle with falling tissues in the entire face area, including eyebrows, cheeks, neck and neck, while restoring quality skin, restoration of natural vitality and anti-aging effects.

The unique composition of the thread, i.e. the soluble material, which is a copolymer of polylactic acid and caprolactone, two tissue stimulants, now also enriched with hyaluronic acid P (LACL) HA, thus form the third generation of Aptos threads.

The third day, 20th of May 2019 took place the second part of the Aptos Conference devoted to aesthetic gynecology and urology. 

The most important topic of the conference was aesthetic gynecology. Dr Tinatin Tomadze together with dr Marlen Sulamanidze, presented an overview of non-surgical treatment techniques with the use of Aptos threads for the lifting and revitalization of labia majora and correction of vagina entrance. It was very surprising for the audience that also using Aptos thread lifting we can support parient with first stage of stress urinary incontinence and make the upper and lower vagina wall stronger. 

The disseas of stress urinary incontinence it is a very important topic, that is why we invited onother speaker Dr Dennis J.A.J. Oerleman from Laurentius Hospital in Roermond, who spoke and presented procedure of Urolon - an innovative, bioresorbable injection, based on polycaprolactone, for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and rejuvenation of the labia.

In the theoretical part, dr Oerleman presented a new, non-invasive, confirmed research and very promising Urolon therapy, which has strong properties filling and stimulating the production of type I collagen, changing the structure of the tissues, giving elasticity and density, restoring their functionality. Its action lasts from 18 to 24 months.

After the theoretical part, Dr. Oerlemans performed a transurethral injections to the submucosa with Urolon, in the direction of stress incontinence. Participants were able to view the transmission of the image of the operating field from the operating room of the Mazovia Hospital on a current basis, including the vision from the cystoscope, staying inside the Mamma and Papa Restaurant.

The conference was in a scientific and very nice atmosphere. Doctors gynecologists and urologists familiarized themselves with the new product presented by the company, as well as had the opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences working with Aptos threads.


Doctors are invited to cooperate in the field of getting to know the Aptos treatment methods, and Patients are invited to use the Aptos rejuvenating treatments at the Certified Aptos Physicians.

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