Experience in Preventive Measures and Treatment of Complications at Face and Neck Thread Rejuvenation

Date 3 December 2018


Face and neck soft tissues lift with the use of special threads is a relatively new and not a thoroughly studied approach to aesthetic surgical and cosmetological correction. Aptos method (anti ptosis) occupies a special place here, because its subjacent conception differs crucially from other thread methods as well as classical surgical ones. Seeming simplicity of intrusion in Aptos method, availability and cheapness of necessary materials and instruments brought a lot of doctors to the point of start in using it, but, unfortunately, without special training. The fact that the doctors do not have special training in Aptos method practice is the main cause of complications and unpleasant aftereffects, the information about which has recently started to appear in literature. 

After having studied all the available sources, we have predominantly found the reports about successful results with a minor number of complications and side effects. In the majority of articles both the indications and the intrusion technique are described incorrectly, as well as causes of complications (without considering the anatomical facial special features and kinetics of different groups of muscles), and consequently, this leads to incorrect results.

That is why we have decided to analyze the complications, side-effects and unpleasant aftereffects at face and neck soft tissues thread lift application using Aptos method in various ways. We have analyzed the long-term Aptos method correction experience gained by the surgeons of our clinics (by now there have been performed up to 7000 operations), complications after the application of Aptos among the patients that came from other clinics, and the data presented by doctors from different countries. 

You can download the article at full below.

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