What We Have Achieved in 2023

Date 25 December 2023

As we approach year 2024, new objectives knock on our doors, prompting a proud review of the past year's activities. Despite challenges, Aptos has continued to advance medical innovation and enhance patient care. Year by year, we increase the dynamism of our development and triumphantly follow our chosen path and pace, showcasing our commitment to progress.

In this annual report, we take pride in an another year dedicated to defining beauty and well-being. Aptos, once again, has elevated the standards of aesthetic medicine by seamlessly blending innovation with artistry. This report chronicles our journey of enhancing lives, achieving aesthetic brilliance, and establishing new benchmarks in the realms of beauty and self-care.

To start retrospection of our transformative journey and celebrate our milestones, the first thing we recognize is our achievements in human resources. We believe our dedicated team and generally the manpower is the key to the success, and so we relentlessly provide training to create more professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine.

In 2023, Aptos conducted 581 Excellence Training sessions; 35 Professional Courses conducted by Key opinion leaders with highest expertise on different Aptos methods, separately or in a combination; and 145 advanced training sessions run by inventors for individuals interested in moving up to a higher level. 

Apart this we provided tens of Aptos Webinars to present and talk about our methods or Aptos in combination with other techniques and Focused Trainings, dedicated to specific product in the specific area or method (covering important subjects like Facial nerve paresis, Aptos solution for perioral Zone, Aptos Solution for Neck and Decollate areas etc.)

Going beyond borders, we facilitated over 2300 hand-in-hand sessions for interested professionals worldwide. Additionally, in collaboration with our international partners we organized two significantly important events: The first ever 'Thinkin Class' in Tbilisi, Georgia took place on June 29th. Worldly acclaimed Dr. Benjamin Archer visited our hometown, delivering crucial insights for optimizing aesthetic treatments and correct thread usage. The intense training day included tutorials and hands-on thread applications on a silicone simulator, also guidance on danger zones in specific areas, followed by hands-on injection training; And the inaugural APTOS & ESCAD Workshop, featuring the expertise of internationally renowned professionals Dr. Ashraf Badawi and Dr. Peter Velthuis. This workshop not only included speaking sessions but also hands-on training, providing cutting-edge insights into the latest advancements in thread lifting and facial rejuvenation using Aptos threads.

To quantify our achievements, we provided professional training to more than 4200 doctors, with 75 achieving trainer status and with an internationally respected team, our initiatives have garnered interest from medical experts in over 70 countries. As our company enjoys global recognition, we not only circulate our products worldwide but also attract professionals, enthusiasts, and ordinary tourists to Georgia. Kolkhida, our notable international congress on plastic surgery and dermatology, stands as one of the reasons. The 17th successful edition, held in the summer of 2023, was attended by over 1100 delegates from 90 countries. The event featured 125 international speakers delivering cutting-edge knowledge and insights to professionals in plastic surgery, dermatology, and aesthetics. Moreover, Kolkhida 2023 hosted an exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in plastic surgery techniques to state-of-the-art dermatological products. Attendees connected with leading experts and stayed up-to-date on the latest trends, new products, and technologies.

In addition to participating, we actively presented new technologies and in more than 50 global congresses and assemblies, including Meidam, Dubai Derma, IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monaco, AMWC China, Prague Lab, SOAP Germany, Medica Germany, and many more.

Among them, we are proud to highlight the 5th consecutive winning of the AMWC AWARD in the category of “Best Suspension Thread” and presenting Namica Technology globally: Our team developed an innovative encapsulation method for targeted delivery and controlled release at the application site. Although this achievement is in its early stages, we already realize that its full potential still lies beyond our imagination; At Aptos we strongly believe that Namica Technology will definitely benefit for beauty and healthcare worldwide.

Our global success extended to providing Master of Aptos trainings in 6 countries across Europe, Asia, and South America, engaging more than 600 professionals and over 1000 online attendees. This comprehensive training included exclusive hand-in-hand sessions, webinars, and live and video demonstrations conducted by the Inventors of Aptos Threads and the world’s leading experts in Aesthetic medicine.

As the company expands at such a remarkable pace, new Aptos offices are flourishing in various corners of the world. After successfully establishing a presence in Germany, Czechia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, we have opened a new office in Hong Kong. 

That sort of growth has led us to cooperate with new associates who share our values. In 2023, we formed alliances with 12 new partners from the Asian and South American markets: Mitocon Biomed (India), Device Technologies (Singapore), OmegaMedix (Israel), Amjad Medical (Saudi Arabia), Egypt Dream (Egypt), Medicaltech Peru SAC (Peru), Uniwealth S.A.S. (Ecuador), Khalil Fares Fattal (Lebanon), Result Med (Cyprus), Esnad General Trading (Bahrain), Caelum Biofarmacuetica (Venezuela), and Abusheikha Drug Stores (Jordan).

Most notably, after three years of diligent efforts and the resolution of all legal matters, we have secured the authorization to operate in Brazil—an aesthetic medicine market valued at over 15 billion USD. Following an extensive search for a trustworthy and experienced ally in Brazil, we have strategically aligned with the dominant distribution and production company, Ilikia Brasil LTDA. This partnership gives us confidence that Aptos is well-positioned to seize opportunities in the expansive Brazilian market. It will contribute to advancing our global presence through continued development and refinement.

Dr. George Sulamanidze, Inventor of threads expressed optimism about international development, emphasizing the significance of global partnerships in raising awareness. 

“We have successfully secured leading positions among global brands in the beauty industry. International scientific researches consistently validate Aptos as the undisputed leader and foremost innovator in the field of aesthetic threads. Each successful stride on the global market not only reinforces our standing but also contributes significantly to the development of aesthetic medicine in our country. Moreover, it serves as a magnet, attracting other players to invest in Georgia and favoring tourism in our country."

Aptos continues to benefit societies beyond aesthetics, demonstrating the positive impact of the field on global healthcare.

With well-defined goals, Aptos confidently opens the door to 2024, ready to face challenges that strengthen our motivations and make us grow daily. 

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