Documents to be filled before the APTOS thread lifting

The methods of thread lifting using APTOS products lie at the junction of cosmetology and aesthetic surgery. Thread lifting, like other serious cosmetology procedure, requires serious preparation of patient: great attention is paid to primary consultation, definition of contraindications, informing the patient about the upcoming procedure, rehabilitation period. In turn, the patient is obliged to provide reliable data on the current state of health, references and results of tests and examinations, if necessary, pass the doctor's assigned diagnostic.

Patient questionnaire

Before the procedure, the patient completes the questionnaire, on the basis of which, as well as a visual examination and analysis of the patient's condition, the doctor decides on the possibility of carrying out the procedure of a thread lifting in each specific case. Therefore, we ask all patients to provide truthful and most accurate information. This will allow the doctor to have the most complete idea of ​​the state of health, exclude possible risks and pick up the type of threads or their combination to ensure maximum effect. First of all, it is information about:

·      Chronic diseases and their acute conditions;

·      Diseases at the current time (including viral and hereditary),

·      Pregnancy, lactation;

·      Conducted or planned surgical interventions;

·      Individual features of the skin - a tendency to hyperpigmentation, fragility of blood vessels, the formation of keloid scars;

·      Inflammatory processes or tumors in the field of procedure;

·      Presence of non-biodegradable implants;

·      Allergic reactions;

·      Reception of anticoagulants and antiaggregants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

All the information you provide to the clinic and specialist is strictly confidential and not subject to distribution. Use your data can only your doctor for medical purposes. Such preparation is required regardless of whether you are going to undergo the procedure of introducing resorbable (biodegradable) or non-absorbable threads.

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