Correction of décolleté area with Aptos Threads

Tight skin in the décolleté area is a dream of any woman. How to make it real? APTOS has developed special threads for aging décolleté area and the procedure can be performed without plastic surgery.

Indications for thread lifting of décolleté area:

·      Omission of soft tissues;

·      Thinning and flabbiness of the skin;

·      Aging changes, the presence of wrinkles and age spots;

·      Acne;

·      Decreased elasticity, loss of tone.

What APTOS threads do in the décolletage area?

Aptos threads form strong supporting frame under the skin and give volume to the décolleté area, which prevents from further ptosis for about two years. In addition, polylactic acid improves skin tone and elasticity.

All threads are made of hypoallergenic materials and do not cause adverse reactions.

Basic contra-indications of thread lift:

·      Pregnancy;

·      Lactation;

·      Malignancy/Chemotherapy;

·      Blood disorders;

·      Heart diseases (the possibility of thread lift in this patients should be discussed with their physicians);

·      Autoimmune diseases.

Please consult the doctor before the procedure.

What are the features of Aptos threads?

Thread lifting was first invented in late1990’s by Dr Marlen A. Sulamanidze. Barbed threads have now been patented, and further developed. For 20 years of existence there is a huge increase in the number of enquiries about thread lifting lately. Leading clinics and doctors perform these procedures in their practice. Safety of the threads is proved by numerous clinical studies.

Unique barbs provide strong fixation excluding the risk of thread migration.

How is the procedure performed?

No special preparation is required prior to the treatment. Avoid blood-thinning medicines. 

Thread lifting begins with cleaning the operation area and making infiltrative anesthesia, marking and thread application towards marking lines. Threads are inserted with special cannula at a certain depth (3-5 mm). The procedure is painless (pain persists only while making anesthesia and after the procedure).

Apply ice packs immediately after the procedure and during first two days for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day.

Avoid hot drinks and hot bath as well as pilings and massage for some period after thread lift. Avoid sports and exercise for 2 weeks. More detailed recommendations for after-treatment care will be provided by your doctor.

The result of a thread lift

The result of the procedure can be estimated immediately after its termination. After about two weeks it becomes much better and persists for 2-3 years - depending on the compliance with post -treatment recommendations, individual characteristics of the body and the patient's lifestyle.

To shorten the recovery period, injections and some hardware cosmetology, like microcurrent therapy is recommended, but strictly according to the doctor's prescription.

Results of Aptos threads in the décolleté area:

·      Tightening and elimination of sagging tissues;

·      Elimination of spots, smooth skin, elimination of wrinkles;

·      As a result, the décolleté area is redefined, volume restored and the effects of ageing are significantly reduced. 

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