How to choose a doctor and a clinic for a thread lift

Everyone in the modern world strives to look well-groomed, young and attractive at any age. The filament lift allows you to correct the face oval, smooth wrinkles, get a long-lasting rejuvenation effect without surgical operations and a long rehabilitation period. However, the result of this cosmetology procedure largely depends on the chosen clinic and specialist. To avoid complications and poor-quality services, only experienced, certified specialists should be contacted.

Poor performance of a thread correction or lifting by inexperienced doctors involves many risks, for example, the occurrence of negative side effects, as well as the lack of the desired effect after the procedure.

Among the most common complications are:

·      Inflammation in the area of introduction of threads;

·      Thread contouring (visual manifestation and / or appearance of relief);

·      The occurrence of multiple hematomas or linear hemorrhages during the introducing of threads;

·      Manifestation of asymmetry;

·      Manifested hypercorrection;

·      Skin retraction in puncture sites;

·      Scars

That is why it is necessary to approach the selection of the clinic and the doctor who will conduct the thread procedure in the most thorough and extremely responsible manner. The threads themselves are safe, but the appearance of complications is the work of the doctor and the patient (if the recommendations are not observed).

8 criteria for choosing a clinic for face lift

During choosing a suitable clinic for thread lifting or correction of deficiencies, it is important to consider the following aspects:

·      Availability of licenses for the implementation of medical activities in the field of cosmetology and / or plastic surgery;

·      Availability of special license of specialist, that gives him the right to conduct the procedure according to the APTOS methods;

·      Availability of a registration certificate for used products;

·      Experience in conducting such procedures;

·      Reviews in the Internet, patient recommendations;

·      Availability of a portfolio of clinic / doctor (photo "before" and "after");

·      Positions in independent popular and expert ratings;

·      Length of work of specialists, availability of regalia, certificates of advanced training, additional training;

How to find a professional specialist for a thread lift and aesthetic correction of deficiencies?

A mandatory requirement for a specialist is the passage of training on working with APTOS threads and the availability of a corresponding confirmatory certificate.

Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a consultation, during which he learns in detail about the presence of indications and contraindications to the procedure, about concomitant, hereditary and acquired diseases and about the expected result. It is very important during the consultation to establish psychological contact and trusting relationship with the doctor, so you can feel free to ask him any exciting questions about the process of introducing threads, the consequences, the materials and preparations used, to make sure about availability of all the appropriate permits and certificates. You should be comfortable with the doctor and do not be afraid to trust his hands.

Observance of all necessary conditions of the procedure with APTOS threads will provide an unsurpassed result, which will last for several years, and the combination of the method with injecting and hardware cosmetology will multiply and prolong the effect.

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