Sagging mouth corners "wrinkles of sadness"

The drooping mouth corners are also called "wrinkles of sadness" as they give the face an expression of sadness, causing associations with helplessness and a tendency to complain. Is this a manifestation of character?

Not really. The reasons of "wrinkles of sadness" are objective and age-related: reduction of cheek volume and skin elasticity makes it hang over this area. These changes are more evident at 35-40s even when you are calm; it looks like you are sad and depressed. Drooping mouth corners can be inherited as well. These people are usually asked -"Why are you sad?" - not only in difficult moments. We think everyone agrees that the situation is not pleasant and they want to get rid of the wrinkles despite of reason.

“Wrinkles of sadness” can be removed easily and quickly thanks to Aptos Light Lift and Aptos Nano threads. The procedure is not painful, does not leave scars, is short and needs minimum of downtime. Result persists for approximately two to three years with the use of absorbable and up to five years with non-absorbable threads. The persistence of the result is affected by genetic predisposition, patient's lifestyle and in compliance with recommendations during recovery period.

Return smile with APTOS threads!

Nano threads represent the company's 20-year practical experience in renovating beauty. They are unique due to their delicate size: diameter is 2.5 times less than other Aptos threads, they gently tighten soft tissues, creating collagen frame and revitalizing the skin.

Nano Vitis is used to correct “wrinkles of sadness”. Twisted pair threads without barbs for revitalization and armouring are placed in a thin needle. After inserting, they start untwisting and increase the volume of the treated area. Filling the area inside, it helps to smooth out the wrinkles. After absorption (up to 360 days), gentle and flexible collagen capsule at the application area makes the skin more elastic and prevents from further ptosis.

To eliminate “wrinkles of sadness”, Aptos Nano Spring can also be used. These are absorbable spring threads for revitalization and armouring.

Aptos Light Lift Spring - specially designed to lift corners of the lips simultaneously participating in contraction and relaxation of the mimic muscles not disfiguring the facial expression.

Patients over 50 years are recommended to install Aptos Spring or Aptos Spring Soft both absorbable and non-absorbable material to provide a longer lasting effect.

The method of correction is selected by a specialist individually.

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