Special threads for correction of the area above knee

As we age, the skin around the knees deteriorates, just like it does everywhere else and gives away our true age. Sudden weight loss is opposing factor for wrinkly and tired knees too.

One of the most effective and successful methods of correction of the knee is armoring with APTOS threads. The method has become popular among both patients and specialists due to minimal invasiveness and effectiveness.

APTOS threads for correction of the area above knee

Aptos invented a special product for correction of skin around knees, named Excellence Body. This is an absorbable thread with barbs for reinforcement and revitalization of soft tissues, restoring skin structure and elasticity. Threads are made of Polylactic acid and e-Caprolactone. They are totally absorbed after some period and create strong collagen frame subdermally. Barbs make it possible to better fixate the thread and avoid their migration.

APTOS threads provide:

·      Armoring - elimination of wrinkles, lifting and tightening of tissues;

·      Rejuvenation - improvement of skin tone and elasticity, activation of cellular processes;

·      Stable result - the risk of thread migration is completely excluded.

Advantages of APTOS threads

·      Safety - biocompatible material, absence of allergic reactions and the risk of rejection by the body;

·      Performed under local anesthesia;

·      No scars and bruises;

·      Immediate result that gradually increases during the whole absorption period;

·      Short recovery period (just wearing compression stockings for a week and limitation of exercise);

·      Long-lasting rejuvenating effect for 2-3 years (depending on individual characteristics and the lifestyle of the patient as well as incompliance with recommendations during recovery period).

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