Elimination of Neck Bands and Wrinkles

Neck is the first area of the body to show signs of aging and the one whose youth cannot be preserved with exercise or cosmetics. It gives away our true age.

The skin of the neck is very tender and immediately responds by reducing elasticity to sun exposure or just side sleeping. As a consequence, many girls and women at age of 28-30 become prone to horizontal lines around their necks - the “rings of Venus”. Sometimes rings become noticeable even earlier, at their twenties, due to hereditary predisposition.

There are several solutions that can help you get rid of the lines on your neck. Doctors offer Aptos threads of Surgical, Nano and Light Lift line.

Aptos Wire – is a wire tool with a straight needle. Aptos Wire removes wrinkles and folds atrophic and indrawn scars from the face and body, as well as unevenness of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

With Aptos Wire it is possible to pass the needle through hypodermic tissues on a closed contour without skin incisions. The procedure is carried out only through pin punctures, using a specially designed device. Method is not painful and the result is immediately apparent.

Light Lift Needle 2G, Light Lift Needle 2G Soft or Light Lift Needle 2G Blunt - absorbable threads with barbs are used for lifting of soft tissues. This is the first non-surgical procedure not only for neck lifting but for rejuvenation and revitalization of aging skin.

Aptos Surgical Needle 2G, Aptos Needle 2G Soft or Aptos Needle 2G Blunt - non-absorbable threads with barbs are used for lifting of soft tissue and have long lasting result up to 5 years, depending on the patient's individual characteristics and lifestyle.

Aptos Nano Vitis 7 - absorbable thin threads for armoring (strengthening) of soft tissues of the neck and improving the quality of the skin due to polylactic acid, the main component of the thread. They are also proposed for prevention of skin aging and ptosis, perfectly suitable for both elderly and young patients.

The method of correction is selected by a specialist individually. 

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