Tummy tuck and prevention of ptosis

Pregnancy, weight loss, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle are the opposing factors leading to the loss of abdominal skin elasticity. Different kinds of deformities and folds appear. Physical exercises are useless sometimes and medical intervention is required.

About twenty years ago, abdominoplasty was the only solution but it is possible now to correct them with Aptos threads very fast and under just local anesthesia.

Now the procedure of abdominal skin reinforcement takes less than an hour, does not require a long recovery period and is completely safe.

Aptos invented a special product for correction of abdominal skin, named Excellence Body. This is an absorbable thread with barbs for reinforcement and revitalization of soft tissues, restoring skin structure and elasticity. Threads are made of Polylactic acid and e-Caprolactone. They are totally absorbed after some period and create strong collagen frame subdermally.

Excellence Body was specially created for the body, taking into account the structure of the skin and subcutaneous structures. Long threads (25 cm) with barbs make 3D-reinforcement of those areas of the body where tissues become weak and prevention of ptosis is necessary.

The procedure not only strengthens the tissues, but also makes the skin supple, significantly improves its quality, lifts up, which is especially important for patients with flabby skin and cellulite. Simplicity of the procedure is comparable with other cosmetic methods.

The result is noticeable immediately after the procedure: the skin is lifted up and smooth. Due to the gradual absorption, the effect is enhanced over time and persists up to 2-3 years, depending on the patient's lifestyle and individual characteristics.

The method of correction is selected by a specialist individually.

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