An Exclusive Opportunity to Get Visage HA

Date 16 September 2019

This year we presented a revolutionary new formula of thread composition - the 3rd Generation Aptos Thread with Hyaluronic Acid. P(LACL)HA thread ensures additional benefit for the skin. P(LACL)HA thread insertion provides ongoing and progressive rejuvenation for the facial tissue.

The demand among the professionals inspired us to give more doctors the opportunity to try out this new thread by running an extensive campaign throughout the world. The campaign will host a series of launch meetings where more information will be shared about the benefits of the thread. See the list of the opportunities to win Visage HA below:

  • Visage HA Launch Meetings: anything and everything you wanted to know about this new thread;
  • Lottery: prizes range from various event passes to an exclusive training course with Aptos inventor;
  • Testimonial: find testimonials from the professionals using Visage HA by searching #AptosHA hashtag on Facebook and Instagram.

Visage Excellence HA is a new chapter in Aptos's history of innovation and we are excited to share this opportunity of using one of a kind thread with you. Contact our distributor in your country, follow this space and our social media profiles for the updates.

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