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The Republic of Cyprus

… Bringing innovations in aesthetic medicine

St. Sophia International Institute of Beauty & Health was established  on December 2017

We work individually with every potential APTOS client to ensure state of the art service and results. This way we are building up trustful relationship with the client, confidence of the users in the product thus creating positive image of the brand .

- We are more than just an APTOS distributor – We are establishing APTOS presence in Cyprus as the latest methods and technologies in aesthetic medicine.

We are changing perception of thread lifting and ensure that every set of APTOS threads are successfully applied in the medical practice.

- We are consistently raising awareness of users about the difference of APTOS from other threads and methods.

- We combine product promotion and training of doctors and medical personnel to guarantee consistent message across all our clients.

- We are creating the Club of Aesthetic Medicine Professionals, by arranging international educational events, seminars, conferences, forums, etc. for promoting APTOS.


It is very important that we completely share APTOS company Brand concept and are ready to enhance it in Cyprus and globally with the passion to beauty that we share.

Our mission is to spread the awareness and make the access to high-end aesthetic medicals solutions to restore beauty for any age, sex and culture. Because we value beauty!

Our vision is to create an educational institution to unite global best practices in aesthetic medicine and train the professionals to deliver the best quality services to society.


The idea of creating an Institute goes back to the year 2015. It all started from the partnership of University of Nicosia, NEAPOLIS University in Paphos and Dr. Sophia Hrytsak.

International Institute of Health and Beauty, was the result of the joint  35 years of experience :

 Dr. Yury Titovets, private clinic in the Lviv, Ukraine - 25 years of experience since 1992

 Dr. Sophia Hrytsak, International School of Medical Cosmetology  - 10 years of experience since 2007


This is the ultimate organizational structure that we ultimately aim to build. Currently we are    focusing on creating a team of dedicated and committed people.

In the heart of the company is the group of friends, who are contributing to the company development in the freelance basis to fulfil various tasks (marketing, administration, PR, etc.).

We are looking into creating a team sharing common values and feeling passionate and excited about being part of the greater mission of the company.

CONTACT PERSON: Dr. Yuriy Titovets


Distribution Company St.Sophia International Institute of Beauty and Health
Address Office 3, Block 3, 105 Kato Pervolion Str, Paphos, 8046, Cyprus
Phones +357 96 305 475
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